Athlete’s Foot – A Problem Faced Not Only By Athletes

Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis is known as a very common skin problem. This skin disease can find its residence in anyone’s feet. Being an athlete is least bit of its concern, a hot and humid foot is what makes that disease choose you. This skin infection is caused mainly by a fungus which eats the dead skin cells and is found in plenty on your feet and mainly occurs between the toes.

The right breeding ground for this infection is a warm, dark and humid place. Our foot tends to fit the bill. The fungi actually can be seen in damp areas of the swimming pool, showers and locker room from where the athletes happen to get infected and so is the name which became widely popular.

If it is not properly treated it may come back to haunt you. It can be there for short or long period depending upon the severity of the infection. It is transmitted through contact with a cut or a bruise on your feet. Therefore, when in such place you should be take extreme care to save yourself from the athlete’s foot.

This is commonly found among men from the teens till crossing that 50 mark. It is also related to personal hygiene and how much you actually adhere to that. Some may not be that particular with their daily routine which makes them more prone to such a skin disease. If your immune system is weak they have greater chances of meeting the athlete’s foot.

This mostly hits the spaces between your toes, but can easily spread through reaching your soles as well as your toe nails. Even though adults are easily affected, children too can be a soft target. Some of the routine hygiene methods may just help you stay away from such kind of a disease, like wearing dry socks daily.

Signs and symptoms for Athletes Foot

-There is constant itching, burning sensation which cause blisters.
-Feet start burning and stinging at the soles
-Blisters are very itchy
-Your feet becomes completely dry
-With the passing days the infection spreads too
-You can also find bumps on your feet

Some of the preventive measures if infected by this infection

-Wash your feet everyday, if you happen to go for swimming then take extra care
-Drying your feet is very important
-Give some breathing space to your feet
-Cotton socks is very good as it helps in soaking the wetness
-Try not to walk barefoot
-Put talcum powder which would help to avoid excess sweating
-Soak your legs in a mixture of salt and warm water for 10 minutes
-Use of baking soda is also very effective. After rubbing baking soda rinse it and dry it thoroughly. Then the last step of this treatment is by dusting some corn starch.

Kevin Pederson is the webmaster for many home based treatment sites helping you fight the battle with easy home based cures. Home remedies For Athlete’s Foot. Salt, baking soda can be a very useful home remedy for this skin infection.